Looking for that Special Someone?
Let the World’s Leading Pick-up Artist Show You
How to Find the Woman of Your Dreams!

Valentine’s Day can seem like that time of year when Hallmark cards, telling us we should be with someone we adore,
get shoved down our throats.

Well, for many of us it just isn’t that easy. I only have to look back a few years to remember what it was like to spend
Valentine’s Day alone.

The only thing I had to look forward to on Valentine’s Day was spending the weekend before it playing Dungeons and
Dragons with my friends in an all night gaming marathon we usually hosted around that time – just about every year.

That was the problem, every single year…

Every year, I spent another Valentine’s Day alone, another Valentine’s Day without anyone special to be with.

Sure, I wanted someone special. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be with a gorgeous, stunningly attractive girl who absolutely loved and adored you. The truth is, I just didn’t know how to make it happen.

I guess I’d always hoped that a relationship would just fall in my lap. I kept hoping that next year I’d be able to tell my friends I can’t make the game because I’m too busy. You know, too busy hanging out with my gorgeous girlfriend having a romantic evening and making love by candlelight…

But there I was, every year, in front of the gaming table once more. Attraction just didn’t seem to happen for me.

Attraction should happen naturally – a pure sense of connection with the other person that feels almost magical…

The connection you share should feel so special and unique that it needs to be cherished for a very long time…

If you’re looking for the skills and tactics that give you the greatest chance of making connections like that…

If you’re looking for ways to seduce and attract members of the opposite sex so it feels like pure fate has drawn the two
of you together…

Then I promise you it will be well worth your while to read this entire letter because this is exactly what my new Valentine’s Day for Singles training is all about…

There’s a simple way to take control of your fate…

Lots of times when you get good at understanding the game of attraction you tend to feel that special sense of connection slips away… everything becomes too much of a process… and maybe it has…

Others find that when they get very good at making the process feel natural and come across very well… they still aren’t feeling that special connection with a woman that they’re most hoping for and looking for…

So, if you’re a complete beginner with no idea how to go about attracting your ideal mate… or if you’re very accomplished but it just doesn’t feel “supernatural”… like you’re still missing that magical feeling of love that you associate with being strongly attracted to somebody — then pay careful attention to what follows…

Because you are not alone. Many of my students are in this exact same situation… so I’ve created a video training series that is exactly what you’re looking for!

These techniques are so powerful they come with a warning!

Welcome to MFH (Make Fate Happen) Game – where the person you’re talking to is not only attracted and wants to be with you, but also feels drawn to you serendipitously… that the connection you share is so special and unique that it needs to be cherished for a very long time.

Be very careful with the application of these techniques. Use of the content within these videos has been known to make girls become completely and helplessly obsessed with you.

If you don’t share their interest in letting your connection blossom into a relationship you run the risk of upsetting them very deeply. I’m not making this up. This actually happened to me and I’m telling you: this can be a painful and difficult situation to resolve. So you have to be careful who you use this on.

This is about more than attraction. It’s about making someone feel that they’re supposed to be with you – that the two of you are supposed to be together forever. Very serious and potent stuff.

Women will only have a relatively small number of long relationships or serious boyfriends in their lives – the few guys she wants to introduce to her parents and family.

This is about more than making sure you’re a guy she likes – this is about making sure she thinks you’re one in a million.

You don’t just have to stand out compared to the other guys she meets tonight or in the last few months. You’re going to have to stand out among every guy she’s ever been with or dated – in her whole life.

You have to make her feel you’re that very special someone and that the two of you are truly supposed to be together.

You want her to feel like she already knows you, like you’ve met each other before.



This training is specifically for those who are tired of working so hard to get dates and want to tap directly into the subconscious minds of beautiful girls so THEY put in more of the effort… for a change!

So you have a better idea of specifically what to expect, here are some highlights of the things you’re going to discover in
my 5-video Valentine’s Day for Singles, video by video:


Video #1 – Make Fate Happen
(MFH) Game(105 minutes)

The first video gives you an overview of the whole field, the major topics, principles and strategies are introduced. This video is really a complete training in the fundamentals of MFH Game all by itself. It literally teaches you how to make fate happen so you can tap into that inner dialogue that’s going on in her head and get her to start thinking things that you want her to think. She will value you as a person and respect you because you are a man who should be treated the way you deserve to be treated. In this video, you will learn:

  • How to begin to inject the feeling of serendipity or fate so she’ll feel like it’s her destiny to be with you and you’re the one she’s truly supposed to be with. She will feel this uncanny pull towards you and find it hard to explain why she feels this way – she just does.
  • How to make the first point of contact without coming across like you’re hitting on her too hard and turn her off. The last thing you want to do is blow the entire interaction on the open.
  • How to get into her head so she can’t stop thinking about you. So even when you’re not there spending time with her, she will still have thoughts of you running over and over again in her mind. You are literally getting her brain to work on your own behalf so when she thinks about you she falls more deeply in love with you.
  • How to attract the right kinds of women in the first place: caring, sociable, empathic, personable, receptive, affectionate, loving… the types of women who will treat you the way you want to be treated and deserve to be treated.
  • How to establish a basic connection quickly, naturally, and easily so she wonders if she already knows you from somewhere she can’t quite remember. No longer will a cold approach be a cold approach. By using MFH Game, she will be familiar and comfortable with you FAST.
  • How to create and maintain the conversation using “sub-communication” so you attract her on several levels at once to create that magical “click” some girls say they feel when they meet “the one”.
  • Building commonalities based on prime motivators (items of emotional importance to the other person) so the connections you build remain strong between the two of you and it doesn’t fade away and disappear when you’re not around. These bonds are what make you stand out from other guys and is something she won’t take for granted.
  • The most powerful ways of building connections with someone so you immediately feel familiar to her like she already knows you. By having this instant rapport, your interaction will be sooooo much easier and unlike those uphill battles with girls who you struggle to “hook” into the interaction.

  • How to recognize and respond to statements of interest so she feels that you care about her and what she’s interested in. There are so many women who think men don’t listen. You won’t be perceived as one of those men and will automatically be head and shoulders above the rest.
  • Communicating the right message to her subconscious so the connection she feels with you gets even deeper and continues to grow. By bypassing her conscious mind, you’re making the entire interaction easier for you.
  • How the two of you can separate yourselves from the rest of the world to avoid distractions. By forming this bubble between just you and her, everything in the environment is muted and you will have her complete attention.
  • How to lead her so that she feels safe and enjoys having you in command. You will learn how to build a compliance ladder with each step creating greater trust and affection all the way to the bedroom.
  • How to keep her inner dialogue fighting on your behalf so others can’t talk her out of being seriously interested in you. Avoid having all the effort you put into her from just vanishing into thin air. There’s nothing worse than having to start all over from scratch just because her friends and family managed to talk her out of it.
  • How to create a private fantasy world that only the two of you can enter to have a secret playground and a role playing conspiracy only the two of you understand. It’s one of the easiest ways to immediately prevent an outsider (like a random guy at the bar trying to hit on her) from moving in on your girl.
  • How to use often-neglected fundamentals to deepen your connection so she immediately feels cared for and protected. Have her subconsciously attracted to you on a very essential and primal level.
  • How to build a future together in a way that extends the feeling of fate so that she’s certain you’re that special someone she’s been looking for. You will become the best guy she’s ever been with and literally blow the competition away.

In summary, this game-changing video on MFH Game shows you how to make her fall for you hard… very hard. This is more than simple sexual attraction. She won’t be able to get you out of her mind!


How much can YOU tell about a woman just by looking at her?

Video #2 -Cold Reading(40 minutes)

There are lots of ways you can generate attraction with the opposite sex and many of them are well known. I’ve taught many of them for years… things like being genuine, making sure you respond to what the other person says, a willingness to take things sexually, developing your social skills, plus many others… And I’ve gone into great depth on these topics in other places.

But there are also smaller, more unique skills that aren’t talked about so much, and of these… one of my personal favorites is cold reading. This is where you can look at somebody — and with a few little pieces of information that you manage to notice – you can immediately make educated guesses about them that will be correct the vast majority of the time.


Cold reading used to be used by pick-up artists a long time ago. I’m actually a very old school seduction guy in some ways… I actually learned a lot my techniques back in the days when people were heavily into cold reading and magic and that kind of stuff.

Then, of course, I was also one of the first guys to move away from that stuff and adopt a more straightforward approach. But I did learn the skills. And cold reading is one of those few treasured skills that I still use today.

I’m not talking about convincing a girl you have mystical powers or pretending you’re a magician. I’m talking specifically about using cold reading to speed up your interactions with a girl and make things happen more quickly.

When things don’t seem to be clicking or, for whatever reason, you want to pick up the pace… cold reading can help you eliminate useless information and zero in on some relevant insights about her – that will make you stand out. Here are some of the things you’ll discover about cold reading:

  • Look like you know a lot about people so she finds you authoritative and someone worth listening to.
  • How to increase your powers of observation so you can read people better and be able to predict her interests and her emotional hot buttons a lot faster. This way you can quickly create stronger commonalities with her so she feels like she has a lot more in common with you than most other guys she’s met.
  • How “looking” is different than “actively observing” to help you get better at cold reading and more easily understand what’s important to her so that you can be the guy in her life who actually “gets it.”
  • How to put lots of small observations together into a good cold read. So even if you don’t have anything obvious to work with, you can use little bits of info here and there to construct something meaningful that will pleasantly surprise her.
  • How fashion dictates music so you can tell the kind of music she likes just from the way she dresses. Women love their taste in music and by relating to her on that level, you can uncover a big commonality that other guys can’t tell just by looking at her.
  • Find out how you can use stereotyping to your benefit to create better cold reads and increase your accuracy right away.
  • How to make more accurate assumptions about people from what you can actively observe so you’re better able to get into her head and quickly find commonalities she’ll find attractive.
  • How to build a profile in your head about another person and use it as a foundation to build conversation whenever you need it.
  • How you can use “shot gunning” as an effective method of cold reading when confronting a whole group of eligible women. Use this as a weapon in your arsenal to help win over the group of women so that they can be on YOUR side. Instead of them giving you the “we’re all going to the bathroom” excuse to pull your girl away, “shot gunning” can be an asset to helping you make the group your wingwomen so that you can get your girl.
  • How to ask questions that sound like authoritative statements to appear strong and knowledgeable. When you demonstrate these leadership qualities, you gain bonus points in the attractiveness scale right away.
  • How to use your observations to start more engaging conversations more quickly and easily so she feels like she’s having one of the best conversations she’s ever had. Combine these observational techniques with the methods in the Creative Conversation videos and your verbal skills for attracting women will easily trump the average guy who talks about the weather.
  • How to make a statement that can establish a deep connection if you’re right, and how to recover very quickly if you’re wrong. So either way, you always come out on top in a win-win situation. Use this technique and you’ll never lose.
  • How to use “Barnum questions” to build strong connections even when you have very few observations to go on. In those situations where you’re having difficulty coming up with a cold read, you can be confident that you have these questions in your back pocket to draw from at any time so that you don’t have to stress your brain on creating something new. Put your brain on cold reading autopilot!
  • How to use cold reading as the gateway to building compliance so she becomes comfortable following your lead and learns to enjoy doing the things YOU want to do… imagine the possibilities of getting good at this!
  • How to use pauses to help deepen the connection with her and get inside her head. Turn awkward silences into powerful pauses to increase the impact of everything that comes out of your mouth so that it hits her HARD.
  • How to be confident in your ability to cold read and find the courage to actually do it, whether you are a seasoned cold reader or someone who is just starting out learning this technique. No matter where you are starting from, you will learn how to do it as if this was what you do for a living.

This video is about quickly getting to know so much about her, so fast, that she’ll wonder if maybe you really have met before. How else could you possibly know so much about her? After all, you’ve only just been introduced! And so many things in common! She’ll have to question if maybe it really is fate bringing the two of you together…

Conversation is supposed to be fun and
engaging… and it CAN be.

Video #3 -Creative Conversation(31 minutes)

Conversation is supposed to be fun — something you find enjoyable and engaging. But on dates… you often seem to have the same boring conversations over and over again. You talk about work, the weather… the same safe and familiar conversations you have with lots of people every day. You’ll stand out from the crowd and she’ll think you’re the most fun guy she’s been with and you must be the right guy for her.

Since you can’t Make Fate Happen by playing it safe, here are some of the things I cover in this video:

  • The key to having good conversations is to understand creative conversations. Whether you consider yourself a “creative” person or not, learn how to tap into and use the creativity you have to your advantage so that women find you captivating and engaging.
  • How to make your conversations more fun and entertaining so that she wants to spend more time with you because she knows she’ll always have a good time when talking with you.
  • Creative conversational techniques that enable you to come up with fun and interesting topics of conversation endlessly, so you never have to run out of things to talk about. No more long drawn out moments and stalls in your interactions where it’s awkward and silent because you don’t know what to say.
  • Use this skill to create quick, instant dates with women you have just met and build memorable connections more rapidly than you might have thought possible. She’ll feel like she’s known you longer than she actually has and be more comfortable with you more quickly than she normally would. It’s as if you skipped levels in a video game.
  • How to use pretending and role playing to create lively conversations and build attraction so she never gets bored with you – you’ll always have creative avenues of attraction building and unlimited opportunities for fun conversations. This is something that a lot of average guys don’t do and will immediately escalate your game because you have taken it to a level where other guys never even thought of.
  • How to use imaginary worlds to keep unwanted people from entering into your conversation and build an immediate sense of intimacy and secret connection. Guys competing for her attention will wonder what the heck you did to build that connection between just the two of you – and they will never know.
  • Special websites you can use to start conversations and practice building commonalities in the comfort of your own home. So even if you don’t have any women to practice your conversation with, you can go online and sharpen your skills so that you’ll be ready when the time comes in the field.
  • How to have fun talking about “female products” she’ll thank you for telling her about. Not only will she appreciate it, but she’ll be pleasantly surprised that you even know about this stuff and this will immediately give you the power of preselection because only cool guys who hang around other women will be knowledgeable about it.
  • Typically overlooked ways that being a stranger can actually be a massive advantage. So even if you aren’t introduced to her by one of her friends, you can use a cold approach to your advantage by harnessing the role as a “stranger” whenever you need to.
  • Insights about girls on holiday so you’re at an advantage when approaching them because there are distinctions between those who are on vacation and those who aren’t. Be aware of these differences so that you can use them to your advantage whenever you recognize these type of women.
  • Creative tips on Imagineering – exploring dreams and fantasies, which is an invaluable gateway to escalating and taking the interaction to the next level. Don’t just be the guy who is stuck in the friend zone because you’re just good at talking to women, but use this as a method to advance into seduction territory.

Simply put, see how to become the most creative, engaging and entertaining conversationalist she can remember ever talking to! She’ll know she’s never met another guy like you before…

She’s agreed to go out with you and you want to
keep her, so take her on a date she’ll never

Video #4 – Be Great On a Date(31 minutes)

People get excited about getting somebody’s contact details and setting up a date. But once you’re ON that date – what do you do to take things further? How should you act? How do you avoid a dating disaster? This video shows you how to be great on a date.

Traditional dates like dinner and a movie won’t set you apart from other guys she’s dated. You won’t stand out and seem special. Find out:

  • Where to take her for an unusually memorable time so that she can brag to her friends about how special you are compared to other guys she’s dated. By being unique and different when it comes to dating, she will always be looking forward to hanging out and spending more time with you.
  • How to have a number of different locations ready to use. By having a variety and flexibility in your plans, you can keep things refreshing and new so that you can keep her guessing and dying to find out what you’re going to do with her next.
  • How you can treat her like your girlfriend right from the start so you won’t end up being stuck in the friend zone. By doing the right things to communicate that you’re more than just friends, she’ll subconsciously realize that you’re more of a potential sex partner than a brother to her.
  • Why you shouldn’t try to impress her like most other guys do. Competition is a very common trait you’ll see from needy guys who are fighting for her attention. Don’t be the one chasing her, but make her chase you!
  • How to make her comfortable going back to your place with you. A common mistake average guys make is the futile effort of trying to get a girl sexually turned on at a location where sex isn’t even feasible. Instead, learn how to get her completely comfortable with going back to your place where sex has an incredibly higher likelihood of happening.
  • Use the magic of multiple mini-dates so you can increase her perception of the amount of time she thinks she has spent with you, while making them more memorable. Learning how to distort this concept of time for her is a very powerful method of accelerating the interaction that makes sex inevitable.
  • How to get rid of unwanted tag-alongs (female friends, male friends, orbiters, etc.) and make it seem like it was their idea because nothing’s more frustrating than when you’re running good game and some third party is there to throw a wrench in your gears. Learn how to get rid of that distraction by getting her to do it for you.
  • How to use every aspect of the environment to your advantage by pulling from it to keep the conversation going. So no matter where you are on your date, you can always find something to talk about as part of keeping the interaction fun.
  • How to naturally build conversation up to the point of talking about sex. Use this method as a segue to discovering her sexual spectrum and get yourself onto the path of escalation so that she begins to start thinking about sex – and thinking about having sex with you.

Find out how to take her on a date she’ll never forget, will tell all her friends about, and remember as the best date she’s ever had in her life! Don’t be surprised if she keeps calling and texting you to hang out!

Ever wanted to round up a small sea of sexy women so you could then sort them out?!

Video #5 – Meet Lots of People FAST!(33 minutes)

By this point in the program you’re going to know a lot about how to talk to girls, generate attraction, get dates, and escalate sexually… awesome! This is great! But how do you meet new women in the first place?

Walking up to people randomly on the street is one way, but that’s a weak strategy with a small chance of success. Wouldn’t you prefer to zero in on a large group of people right away so you can pick and choose who you want to talk to and be with? Things progress a lot quicker when you round up a whole group of girls to meet and talk with.

Like shooting fish in a barrel, your chances of hitting it off with ONE of them go way up because you’ve got a whole group of girls who share an interest you’ve targeted – all in one place. This makes it a lot easier to meet lots of new women very fast.

There are also websites where you can go and meet up with specific kinds of groups that already meet regularly. Or you can start up your own group with a particular theme that no other group is doing yet. The possibilities are huge.

You can definitely go and meet large groups of mostly girls so you can pick and choose who you want to be with. Now that you know what to do with them, this video shows you how to go and find them in the first place:

  • How to meet new women incredibly quickly and get them to like you right away so that you can efficiently and effectively meet more women in the same amount of time you normally would be spending right now. You will essentially be saving yourself lots of time and energy by knowing where and how to meet lots of women fast.
  • How to target venues where you know you’re going to meet people you have things in common with, which will automatically make it significantly easier for you to naturally attract women from the very beginning. Why bother subjecting yourself to higher rejection rates by going to random venues when you can pinpoint venues where you know you will excel and succeed.
  • Actual examples of some great types of places that are frequented mostly by girls. By going to a venue that is rich with women, you will automatically have an advantage because of the sheer numbers. In addition, the number of guys will be very limited, which means little to no competition – especially if you’re practicing any of the techniques in these series of videos.
  • Facebook is such an enormous part of our culture and lives that you MUST learn how to harness social networking to meet women or else you’ll be left behind.
  • Learn how to tap into the best clubs and know all the girls so that you can have social proof and preselection at night to boost your attractiveness ten fold before you even talk to women.
  • There are lots of websites where you can meet people and not all of them are dating sites! Learn how to use various websites to find exactly what you’re looking for – this method really works and puts you in control! So even if you’re not out there in the field every night, you can stay home and still pick up women and hone your skills.
  • Learn how to organize singles events so that you can naturally be seen as the most attractive person there and reap the benefits of women fighting for your attention because they want to mingle with YOU.

Meeting loads of hot and sexy girls, whenever you want, will never be a problem for you again!



Video #6 – 92 minutes

According to an article published in 2011 in the New York Post, there’s was a 40% increase in divorces around Valentine’s Day for the past two years!

And that’s for married couples – imagine your chances for problems if you’re only dating…

Another article states that 50% of women feel their man has no idea in the world how to do Valentine’s Day well. That’s half the women out there! That means half of you reading this right now are getting it wrong!


So, if you find yourself getting nervous about Valentine’s Day… rest assured it’s not just in your head. This day really can be a turning point in your relationship, and very often is.

Your girl’s expectations are the key – but of course – she’s probably not going to tell you what those are… at least not until it’s too late. You’re supposed to know these things. Naturally! And the media gives you its own picture of what she wants which is very often way off the mark…

So what are you supposed to do?

Here’s a completely different point of view with techniques to help you avoid the classic mistakes – with simple ways you can come across as romantic, chivalrous and as “the perfect Valentine” you really want to be – for both of you. You’ll find out:

The 5 typical mistakes most people make on Valentine’s Day so you can avoid making them yourself.

Lots of ways you can turn this Valentine’s Day into your best Valentine’s Day ever (she’ll probably think about you on Valentine’s Day for years to come, maybe longer…).

The key is NOT just to buy her something expensive! (This can actually be a fatal trap…)

There are powerful reasons to be very careful about taking her to a party or special Valentine’s Day event, because these can often backfire.

Restaurants bring up some vital concerns on V-Day… You need to take her to the RIGHT KIND of restaurant or you won’t get the results you’re looking for…

Why you should NOT ask her what SHE wants to do – this can lead to major problems – unless you do it the right way… (Hint: this should be your second step, not your first!)

Find out the biggest mistake you can possibly make that most guys are not even aware of… and how you can make her feel like the most amazingly special girl in the world – solidly closing the door to all other competitors for her attention on this special day…

Discover the Secret of Great Gift Giving

The Secret of Great Gift Giving and what to look out for – because not all gifts are romantic and if you buy her the right giftshe’ll think of you every time she looks at it! (Hint: the right gift has nothing to do with price…)

If you get her the same things that most others guys do… you’ll get the same results… middle of the road…. same old, same old… and she’ll never remember it… it’ll never stand out in her memory… this is not what you want!

There are specific things you can do, simple yet reliable tactics, to make sure you get her something that will make a long-lasting impression on her… (You’ll get lots of them.)

Chivalry is not dead! It’s merely forgotten…

Get the 5 Modern-Day Rules of Chivalry to see what you should and shouldn’t be doing. There are plenty of chivalrous acts that will still turn your girl’s (or your wife’s) head. You’ll gain deeper insights into what women really want… what they really care about… what will impress her.

You’re going to find out the kinds of attitudes that women appreciate most about their men, which kinds of attitudes they find the biggest turn-offs, and a lot of little things you can do to make big improvements in your love life. (Often the smallest things can make the biggest difference in the way your loved one thinks about you.)

If you’ve ever wondered whether you have to pay for every single meal out in order to please her, or spend money every time you want to see her, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what I’ve consistently found to be true about this…

Certain things you see leading men do in romantic movies are not necessarily what women will appreciate most… You’ve seen some of the mistakes I talk about made by leading men on the silver screen… (These things will make perfect sense once they’re pointed out to you.)

There are specific principles to keep in mind that, when followed, will assure that women see you as a more chivalrous man and help you stand out from the crowd in ways women will appreciate (while most men will never even notice!)…

Lots of simple ways you can make your woman feel safe and protected and enhance your manliness in her eyes (which definitely strengthens your sex appeal) so you can be sure to earn your “Bonus Chivalry Points”!

There’s also one big heroic pattern from “the olden days” associated with male heroes that may still sound good but is never worth it. “Don’t ever start a fight with a guy over a girl.” It’s never worth it and there are lots of reasons why (you’ll get the full story in this video…).

Be Romantic Without Being A Wuss

One of the things you’ll begin to realize is that the tactics and strategies in this video are things you should be really be doing all year long… they’ll make a big difference in every aspect of your romantic relationship(s) and in your life.

How to use poetry and passion without looking like a wuss… you can be romantic without looking like you’re trying too hard… without looking like you’re sucking up… you can still create memories she will cherish…

The difference between making promises and creating meaningful memories is huge (promises may prove hollow, yet joyful memories will last indefinitely) and you can use this insight to keep her thinking about you, longing for you, missing you, eager to see you again…

How romance can lead to sex (including some nearly foolproof techniques you’ll both love)…

Create the Perfect Date for Valentine’s Day

Have no idea what to do on Valentine’s Day for your date? That’s OK because in this section you’re learning how to “Create the Perfect Date” by understanding how memory works (the key is in creating the right kinds of memories…)

Find out how to continually escalate your date toward increasing intimacy and sex without being obvious about it (and without being found out and turning her off…).

And Then Make It Last So That She’s Head Over Heels With You All Year Long

Make your relationship last well beyond Valentine’s Day with the magic of “Future Projection”this is an astonishingly powerful technique that is very easy to do (and you get a ton of different ways you can use it instantly)!

How to combine multiple techniques to maximize your chances of getting laid! Step by step instructions that you can do immediately… (Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to use this stuff!)

Plus, a quick summary of the key points you need to know to trigger attraction (my “Understand Attraction” program explains this in full…)

How to take advantage of a woman’s psychology and use some of her own tricks against her (so you both win and your relationship advances…)

How to make your relationship reciprocal: a balance of give and take… so you both take responsibility for making it work and you don’t wind up taking 100% responsibility for everything yourself… (relationships can’t last for long without this!).

And much more…

“How To Make Valentine’s Day That Special Most-Romantic-Day-of-the-Year You Always Knew it COULD be…”

For a limited time, download all these videos right now for $147 before the program will no longer be available when February ends!

I guarantee you’ll find that these methods, strategies and techniques actually do work just the way I say they do, or I insist that you get 100% of your money back within 60 days.


Videos are now formatted for the iPhone and iPad so you can watch them on the go!

In addition to being able to watch the videos in the comfort of your home in front of your computer, the videos have been formatted so that you can play them on your iPhone and iPad. There’s no need to mess with video editing programs or deal with conversion issues because the videos are ready to be dragged and dropped into your iTunes for loading onto your iPhone and iPad. Then you can watch or listen to these lessons over and over on the go: while driving, doing chores, working out, running errands, between classes, or going to work. This is a traveling library of super-powerful techniques you’ll always have with you so you can use them anytime the opportunity strikes – no previous converting or planning required!


You get an ebook on Valentine’s Day for Singles Vol. 1 – MFH Game so if you don’t have your computer at hand, you can read it on your iPad. Or you can print it out and take it with you anywhere you go. You can quickly look up how to identify her prime motivators at a moment’s notice so you’re ready to make connections that will last and last. You’ll know exactly what to say to her when you approach her. If you can’t quite remember all the steps of communicating the right message subconsciously… so the connection she feels with you gets even deeper and continues to grow… just step up to the bar, glance at your iPhone, and look it up on the spot!




You’ll get a complete ebook on Valentine’s Day for Singles Vol. 2 – Cold Reading that you can download to your phone and read in the car or club in case you need to quickly look up the “Barnum questions” technique because you want to use it right now! Or let’s say you unexpectedly run into a group of attractive women while you’re out on the road… With your ebook in hand you can search for the details of “shot gunning” real fast so you can approach them before they break up and you won’t miss your moment of opportunity! You can also use the ebooks to read along as you watch the videos if you learn better that way. Or, if you prefer to read, you can read the lessons while sitting in bed or anywhere you like. We know that some of you learn more quickly when you read and we don’t want to leave anyone out.



You get a fully detailed reference ebook for the Valentine’s Day for Singles Vol. 2 – Creative Conversation video. So if you find yourself feeling stuck for something to say, you can discreetly look up how to come up with fun and interesting things to say to her when you step up to the bar… or when she runs off to the ladies room. It’ll look like your just checking your phone messages for a minute. Need a quick refresher on all the ways you can start treating her like a girlfriend right away so she starts viewing you as a potential sexual partner? Check it out on your iPad at a moment’s notice just before you leave your car or office. These ebook companions are also the best quick reference guides to the videos, because they’re so easy to scan or search, for just the key phrase you want. Let’s face it, videos are a great way to study complete lessons, but they can become tedious to use if all you want to do is find one specific idea very quickly – they require too much scanning past the parts you don’t want to see right now. With the ebooks you can go right to the word or phrase you’re looking for immediately.


You’ll have an ebook of the entire Valentine’s Day for Singles Vol. 2 – Be Great On A Date lesson so you can instantly refresh your memory on how to make her comfortable going back to your place with you while the night is still young. Can’t remember exactly how to get rid of unwanted tag-alongs right this minute when you really need to do it? Pretend you’re responding to a text message and quickly look it up to jog your memory! You’ll never have to feel like you’re completely alone again – you can always refer to your handy little guidebooks whenever the mood strikes – and you’ll have confidence you’re practicing the techniques correctly. Eventually you’ll have the entire program memorized and move up to a whole new level of pick-up artistry!


http://valentinesdayforsingles.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Ebook-Meet-Lots-of-People-Fast.jpg bonus-5.gif

You can refer to the Valentine’s Day for Singles Vol. 2 – Meet Lots of People FAST! ebook when you’re out on the town and you can really use it to practice meeting lots of women at once… right now…even if you hadn’t planned to have the opportunity. One quick search and you can clarify exactly how to target venues where you know you’re going to meet people you have things in common with. Use this ebook while you’re traveling on the road and find yourself with an unexpected opportunity… right when you need it most! Take a quick review of the actual examples of some great types of places that are frequented mostly by girls to remind yourself exactly what you’re looking for. You don’t have to stress out about the fact that you don’t have all these techniques memorized yet. Just keep looking them up as you need them and using them, and eventually they’ll become automatic.



You can refer to the Valentine’s Day for Singles Vol. 3 for over 90+ pages of content covering the top 5 Valentine’s Day Mistakes, Great Gift giving, The Sex Appeal of Chivalry, Romance, The Perfect Date, How to Make the Romance Last, and a bunch of my favorite Valentine’s Day tips that I’ve been gathering together for years…




That’s almost 300 pages of content. Not only do the videos provide complete training, the ebooks are a mobile reference library so you never have to worry about forgetting any critical details on anything you’ve learned. It’s like carrying Adam Lyons around in your pocket with you at all times – your personal traveling coach.

You will get all the above videos in a 3-DVD package shipped directly to your mailing address (in discreet generic packaging) so you can
watch them at your convenience.

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